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Baldeschi Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Baldeschi extra virgin olive oil is produced in October and November with cultivar olives typical of the Lake Trasimeno and Umbria region: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Dolce Agogia.



The olive groves are all in the village of Tuoro sul Trasimeno around the town of Vernazzano.


The olives are harvested and processed in the mill within a few hours to guarantee a high quality product which remains our main objective.


Do not hesitate to ask questions or come to the company for a tasting, we are ready to satisfy your curiosity.

We offer the opportunity to taste our extra virgin olive oil at our company shop, where you can discover the taste and aroma of an artisan product, rich in history and tradition. ​


Furthermore, we are pleased to offer our guests the opportunity to stay in one of our two farmhouses, immersed in the beauty of the Trasimeno area. You will be able to live an authentic experience, surrounded by nature, and taste the typical dishes of Umbrian cuisine, prepared with local products, including our extra virgin olive oil.


Our farmhouses are the ideal place to relax and regenerate, but also to discover the beauty and culture of Umbria, with guided tours of the cities of art, medieval villages and natural parks in the area.

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The farmhouses

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Extravirgin olive oil DOP Umbria

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new DOP Umbria Colli del Trasimeno extra virgin olive oil, a product of the highest quality and with an unmistakable flavour. ​


This extra virgin olive oil is the result of selecting the best olives of the Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Dolce Agogia varieties, grown with passion and care in the heart of Umbria, in the Colli del Trasimeno area, where the land and the climate create the perfect conditions for the cultivation of olive trees. ​


The olive harvest takes place exclusively by hand, using nets and combs, to ensure that each fruit is treated with the utmost care and attention. The olives are then processed in a continuous cycle mill, using cutting-edge machines and latest generation technologies, to preserve the taste and aroma of the freshly harvested olives. ​


The DOP Umbria Colli del Trasimeno extra virgin olive oil has an intense and fruity taste, with notes of fresh grass, artichoke and chicory, and a bitter and spicy aftertaste that makes it perfect for enhancing the flavors of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Thanks to its extremely low acidity and top-level organoleptic properties, it is ideal for both raw and cooked use. ​


We are very proud of this product and we are sure that it will captivate you at the first taste.


The DOP Umbria Colli del Trasimeno extra virgin olive oil is available in various formats. Buy it now and enjoy the authenticity and goodness of Umbrian extra virgin olive oil!

The classic

Our classic extra virgin olive oil made up of cultivars typical of the Lake Trasimeno area: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Dolce Agogia.


Medium fruity with very pleasant vegetal tones with hints of garlic and wild rocket. In the mouth it shows a good bitterness and a more intense and persistent spiciness.


Ideal with bruschetta, stuffed vegetables, soups, structured first courses, red meats and game.

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Our extravirgin
olive oils
Our Monovarietal Oils

In Italy there are about 300 varieties of olive trees that give oil with different characteristics.


This year we can offer you extra virgin olive oils from three varieties: Favolosa, Moraiolo and Dolce Agogia.


Favolosa is a variety born right here in Tuoro from the studies of Cnr and Prof. Fontanazza.


Moraiolo, on the other hand, is widespread in central Italy and represents a classic variety of the Umbrian landscape.


Finally, Dolce Agogia is the queen plant of Lake Trasimeno, present around our basin and in the Perugino area.

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