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We are TuOroVerde

The Baldeschi farm is proud to be part of TuOro Verde. We believe, in fact, that cooperation and help between producers is a way to go to spread the culture of extra virgin olive oil.

The TuOro Verde association is the answer to this need. We decided to share all our knowledge about olive oil with us because we want to always improve our product and we believe that doing it together is more stimulating and fun.

At TuOro we are on the right track, we love and produce quality extra virgin olive oil.

The purpose of our Association is to spread the knowledge and culture of the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil linked above all to the territory from which it comes. Producers, but also supporters, consumers, tasters, restaurateurs, anyone who loves this product can be part of it.

We are waiting for you in Tuoro, to taste not only our company oils but also those of the TuOro Verde associates.

You can contact the members of the Committee for information and membership or use the email

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