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Baldeschi EVO oil

our work is to make your extra virgin olive oil

How do we do it?
  • Let's start from the field with thecare and cultivation of the olive tree with integrated and sustainable agriculture methods;

  • Continue with theconstant control of the olivesuntil their collection;

  • Within twelve hours of collection, we move on to the processing of the olivesin the millwith innovative methodsextraction with reduced oxidative impact.

But that's not all, let's pamper our oil until it is delivered:


  • We filter the oil (how we filter the oil) to retain all the particles of water which over time would compromise the preservation and quality of the oil;

  • We keep it at a controlled temperatureand in the absence of oxygen to ward off the greatest enemies of oil: light, oxygen and heat;

  • Thewe sell in suitable containersto increase conservation: the innovativebag in boxallows you to consume it over time without letting oxygen enter.

Tasting the oil is a sensory experience

“Oil is a perfume bomb!”

This is the funny observation of an elementary school boy visiting the company.

He was right!

Our extra virgin olive oil takes on the aromas and flavors of the area where the olives ripen.


The characteristics that you could find in quality extra virgin olive oil.

Bitterness, spiciness and fruitiness must always be in balance.

Our extra virgin olive oils
Il Classico

Extravergine classico composto da cultivar tipiche del territorio del lago Trasimeno:

Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo e Dolce Agogia.


Fruttato medio dai toni vegetali molto gradevoli con note agliacee e di rucola selvatica. In bocca mostra un buon amaro e un piccante più intenso e persistente.


Ideale con bruschette, verdure ripiene, zuppe, primi piatti strutturati, carni rosse e selvaggina.

The special editions

DOP Umbria Colli del Trasimeno

(Protected designation of origin Umbria Colli del Trasimeno)

The varieties in the olive grove are according to the percentage ratios
Moraiolo and Dolce Agogia >= 15%, Leccino and/or Frantoio >=65%, other varieties <= 20%.


Fruity with intense and vegetal tones.

Bitter and spicy in the mouth, it highlights notes of artichoke and chicory.


Ideal with bruschetta, stuffed vegetables, soups, structured first courses, red meats and game.




A product with refined but decisive tones, created by combining a selection of oils from the Frantoio, Leccino and Borgiona varieties. 


Special label taken from a work by the painter Maria Luisa De Romans.

The monovarietals

Dolce Agogia

Extra virgin made only with Dolce Agogia variety olives: it is the most typical cultivar of Lake Trasimeno (Umbria).


Light fruity with vegetal tones of artichoke and wild herbs. Strong and distinct bitter and spicy taste.


Ideal with soups, legumes, vegetables and fish.




Extra virgin made only with olives of Moraiolo variety: La dominant cultivar of central Italy.


Medium fruity with pronounced tones of artichoke and aromatic herbs. Pleasant and persistent bitter and spicy taste.


Ideal with soups, legumes, vegetables and roasts.




Extra virgin made only with olives of Favolosa varietyan evolution of the Frantoio cultivar, one of the most widespread in Italy.


Medium fruity with lively vegetal tones, it releases hints of green almond and cut grass.

Bitter and spicy taste of good intensity and well balanced.


Ideal with vegetables, salads, caprese, white meat dishes, tartare.

Don Carlo

Extra virgin made only with olives of the Don Carlo variety.


Medium-strong fruity with lively vegetal tones, it releases hints of unripe tomato, artichoke, wild and aromatic herbs

The bitterness and spiciness of wild rocket explode in the mouth

Closes with fresh vegetable flavors.


Ideal with vegetables, salads, caprese, white meat dishes, tartare.


Why our oil?
  • A sensory adventure in the heart of Umbria

  • Our passion for quality research is our strength

  • Collaboration with the best mills and experts in Umbria

  • Great shelf life of the product

Consume at least 20 gr. a day of extra virgin olive oil, it's good for you!


Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.


Oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat is capable of regulating the level of cholesterol in the blood and thus prevent coronary heart disease.


Vitamin E contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

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